Optimize your data pipelines by custom high performance software.

Often the highest gain in performance is reached by using the best software. Use less hardware and enhance the user experience.

Media Awareness Platform

Use our media awareness platform to get quantitative data on online media reception and trends. Provide your company or clients with measurable insight on their impact, e.g. on marketing campagnes.

FFIndex Filesystem/Database

The FFindex Filesystem/Database enables high performance storage and retrieval of hundreds of millions of small files or other data chunks.

It's built-in intelligence can be used to parallel process all data at once without any configuration or programming. It has been shown to scale to over 30.000 cores on a Top 4 Supercomputer.


FFindex is used in the Bioinformatics Toolkit via HH-suite, which is available as webservice at the Max-Planck:

An opensource Version is available as Part of HH-Suite or standalone.

StarFish Cryo Electron Microscopy

The StarFish high performance Cryo Electron-Microscopy software suite automates parts of the processing pipeline using high performance implementations taking advantage of the latest CPU features.

Custom High Performance Implementations

Contact us to bring our performance boosts using advanced data structures in combination with optimizations using GPGPU, OpenMP and SSE/AVX Vector Extensions to your custom application.