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News Radio

News Radio shows modern Search technology used for soft-realtime news aggregation combined with automatic keyword extraction, light-weight onthology and facetting.

Cryo Elctron-Microscopy Particle Detection

starfish_boxing, a part of the StarFish suite, is an automated reference free Cryo Electron Microscopy particle picking program. Only two robust parameters are needed to process a data set.

StarFish has been used for the following Cell Report: Preis, A., Heuer, A., Barrio-Garcia, C., Hauser, A., Eyler, D.E., Berninghausen, O., Green, R., Becker, T., Beckmann, R.
Cryoelectron microscopic structures of eukaryotic translation termination complexes containing eRF1-eRF3 or eRF1-ABCE1(2014) Cell Reports, 8 (1), pp. 59-65.

FFindex database used for Uniprot

FFindex is used in the Bioinformatics Toolkit via HH-suite, which is vailable as webservice at the Max-Planck.

A UniProt clustered to 20% sequence identity is available in the FFindex format to use with HH-suite: downloads/ffindex/databases/uniprot20/